Newly diagnosed or seeking a second opinion? We put you in control

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. You have many decisions to make about your care, and it’s no doubt you’re ready to begin treatment right away. We’ve got you covered.

Whether you are newly diagnosed and seeking care or looking for a second opinion, the cancer centers of Edward-Elmhurst Health can put you in control, quickly. We can provide you with much needed reassurance, expertise and options you may not have known were available to you — without the wait.

What to expect

  • Ease of access: No worrisome waiting. Whether you are scheduling yourself or if your doctor referred you, you’ll be seen by an oncologist within a matter of days.
  • Cancer expertise: You’ll have access to renowned specialists, advanced cancer treatments, multidisciplinary clinics, tumor boards, clinical trials and more.
  • Personalized care: From diagnosis through treatment and survivorship, your care will be customized to your individual needs.
  • Convenience: You and your family can stay close to home while receiving expert care.

How to begin

When you come to the cancer centers of Edward-Elmhurst Health, our clinical teams — including renowned cancer specialists and specialty-trained nurses — guide you through every step in the process. Whether you are newly diagnosed or seeking a second opinion, we understand your urgency, and can provide answers about your diagnosis and available care options, usually within three days.

If you are referring yourselfsimply follow these three easy steps:

  1. Fill out the brief, online, secure Medical Opinion Request Form. It takes less than five minutes to complete.
  2. A specialty-trained nurse or advanced practice provider will contact you within 24 hours (or on Monday after a weekend request) for a telephone screening to identify your specialist and schedule your consultation.
  3. You’ll have an in-person appointment* with a renowned oncologist for an expedited first or second opinion, usually within three days.

If your doctor already referred you, a specialty-trained nurse will call you to schedule an expedited, in-person appointment* to see a renowned oncologist, usually within three days.

*Before your appointment, you will need to provide your medical records and insurance information. Please contact your insurer to check that your insurance coverage is within our network. Many insurance plans cover second opinions. We’ll verify your insurance benefits before we confirm your appointment.

Fill out a Medical Opinion Request Form

How you’ll benefit

Patients, especially those with a serious diagnosis, have the right to understand the options available to them after a diagnosis, and to seek a second opinion if desired. Whether you are newly diagnosed and seeking care or looking for a second opinion, our cancer centers provide:

  • A better understanding of your diagnosis, treatment options and prognosis.
  • A new assessment from a doctor whose approach may be more or less aggressive than your primary specialist, and who may know of alternative treatments.
  • Reassurance that your diagnosis is accurate.
  • Comprehensive, advanced treatment options individualized to you.
  • Access to renowned experts in treating nearly every form of cancer.
  • Multidisciplinary clinics for certain cancers, where our team of doctors gathers in one consultation room to review, discuss and evaluate each patient's case, and then develops an individualized treatment plan before sharing it with the patient.

For us, healthcare is a 24/7 commitment. Each of us has a reason for being here — something that drives us to make every patient’s health and life better. We know that getting the information you need — whether you're newly diagnosed or seeking a second opinion — can give you confidence and control over your cancer diagnosis. Everywhere else it’s healthcare. Here, it’s personal.

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