Parent Education Series Recordings

02/15/23 - Constantly Connected in a Disconnected World: Social Media Impact on Your Teen’s Mental Health

  • Speaker: Jessica Butts, LCSW
  • Learn how social media can impact depressive symptoms.
  • Recognize 2-3 signs of social media’s negative impact your teen’s mental health.
  • Identify 2-3 strategies for decreasing your teen’s dependence on social media.

03/15/23 - Ball of Emotions: How to Regulate Emotions in an Emotional World

  • Speakers: Andrea Fisher, LCPC and Kayla Heiler, LSW 
  • Understand what teen’s need to do daily to stay emotionally regulated.
  • Recognize how basic needs affect how we regulate our emotions throughout the day.
  • Identify how to respond to your teen when experiencing intense emotions.

4/19/23 - Through the Smoke: Understanding Teen Vulnerabilities to Vaping and Parent Resources

  • Speaker: Tammy Tunac, LCPC, CADC
  • Understand why teens are vulnerable to addiction.
  • Identify the signs of substance use 
  • Learn skills to talk with your adolescent and find resources.


6/21/23 - We’re in This Together: Understanding Co-dependency and the Family’s Role in Addiction Recovery

  • Speaker: Rasa Ruzgys, LPC, CADC
  • Identify the different roles in families.
  • Define co-dependency.
  • Understand how to find addiction and recovery resources. 

7/19/23 - Hard to Swallow: Medication Safety and the Importance of Adhering

  • Speaker: Sam Epley, MSN, RN, CNL
  • Identify 3 medication safety practices. 
  • Recognize common reasons people do not adhere to medications and strategies to promote medication adherence.  
  • Find community resources for medication safety.

8/16/23 - Goodbye Summer, Hello Anxiety! Helpful Strategies to Transition Your Teen Back to School

  • Speakers: Laura Koehler, PsyD and Kristen Oldin, LSW
  • Learn practical strategies to prepare your teen for going back to school. 
  • Identify skills to help your teen manage school anxiety. 
  • Discover how to recognize when anxiety about school becomes a problem. 

9/20/23 - A Parent’s Guide to the Mental Health System 

  • Speaker: Jerry Lau, BA
  • Define the levels of care in the mental health system and how to get access. 
  • Identify the different mental health professionals that exist within the industry.
  • Gain confidence in how to support your teen during treatment and at home. 

10/18/23 - How Do I Talk to My Teen About Trauma?

  • Speaker: Jerome Kaul, PsyD
  • Learn how to talk to your teen about trauma without making it worse.
  • Understand what to expect from my teen after a trauma.
  • Learn ways to help your teen get better after a trauma. 

11/15/23 - Building a Positive Body Image: It's More Than Just How You Look

  • Speaker: Sarah Denman, MA, MSA, LCPC
  • Learn factors that can affect your teen’s body image.
  • Understand the ways negative body image can impact all areas of life. 
  • Identify ways to see if your teen needs additional support. 

12/20/23 - Stress and Anxiety: What's the Difference and How Do I Help My Teen with Both?

  • Speaker: Sari Salvesen, LCPC
  • Understand how stress and anxiety can be helpful for your teen's development.
  • Identify warning signs that stress and anxiety are becoming problematic.
  • Learn ways to help your teen navigate stress and anxiety in healthy ways.