The human-pet bond: Exploring the health benefits - Ep. 69

May 3, 2023
Categories: Mental health
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The human-pet bond is truly remarkable. Pets make us laugh and they make us feel loved. Animals can brighten your life and provide enduring friendship and emotional support.

Humans and animals can form a bond that’s essential to the health and well-being of both. Studies show pet ownership can help prevent heart disease. Many healthcare organizations have therapy dogs brought in regularly to visit with patients.

Companionship is one of the main reasons people get pets. Beyond that, caring for an animal gives us purpose and can provide numerous health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure and easing stress.In Episode 69, Dr. G and his guests, veterinarian Jeni Waeltz, DVM, CPC, and Cynthia Brooks, administrator of Animal-Assisted Therapy at Edward-Elmhurst Health, discuss the ways pets can improve our mental and physical health.


Myths vs. Facts

“Owning a pet has mental and physical benefits.” – Fact
Pets can help people stay mentally and physically healthy.

“Pet ownership reduces U.S healthcare costs.” – Fact
Pet ownership has saved the U.S. healthcare system about $11.7 billion, due in part to lower incidence of physician visits by pet owners as well as increased physical activity by pet owners.

“Pets provide security during times of stress.” – Fact
The non-judgmental, unconditional love of a pet can help lower our stress.

“Organizations are stepping up to support pet ownership.” – Fact
More companies are allowing employees to bring their pets to work and offering pet health insurance as a benefit.


Listener healthy OH-YEAH!

“I love road trips, flying, and getting away for a few days.” – J.G.

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