Foot health facts: Common conditions & how to manage them - Ep. 66

March 27, 2023
Categories: Physical health
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When our feet aren’t properly cared for, we’re setting ourselves up for injury and other challenges.

Taking a closer look at our feet can help us take care of health issues we may not have noticed otherwise.

What’s the best way to maintain good foot health? Look at your feet. Really look at them. Things like corns, calluses, toenail fungus and ingrown nails can cause difficulty walking, which could trigger a fall that could result in an injury.

Got pain? Evaluate your shoes first. An ill-fitting or older shoe can also cause pain that could be fixed simply by wearing more supportive shoes.

Keeping an eye on your feet can also help alert you to deeper health issues. Swelling, cold feet, numbness or tingling, sores that won’t heal – these symptoms can point to other diseases that affect your overall health. 

Keeping your feet healthy is more important than you may think.

In Episode 66, Dr. G and his guest, Allison Cheney, DPM, discuss common foot problems, how to prevent and treat them, and why foot health is so vital.


Myths vs. Facts

“The main cause of bunions is wearing poor-fitting footwear.” – Myth
Tight-fitting shoes don’t help, but they aren’t the main cause of the bunion.

“Your feet shrink as you grow older.” – Myth
As you grow older, your foot tends to lengthen.

“Having flat feet is bad.” – Myth
Flat feet aren’t inherently bad, but they can make you more susceptible to a range of foot problems.

“Never attempt to cut off corns or calluses as it’s dangerous and can worsen the condition.” – Fact
You can pumice calluses off. Cutting is not recommended.

“My shoes are expensive, so they’re good for my feet.” – Myth
Good shoes don’t have to be expensive and an expensive shoe may not be best for your foot.

“Cut a ‘V’ in the center of the nail to cure an ingrown toenail.” – Myth
Cutting a “V” in the nail would make the procedure to remove an ingrown nail more difficult.

“My feet are sore because I’m getting old.” – Myth
Pain is not normal at any age.

“My toe (or foot) isn’t broken because I can still walk on it.” – Myth
The only way to tell if a toe or foot is broken is with an X-ray. People can still walk on a fractured foot or toe.


Listener healthy OH-YEAH!

“One of my goals this year is to take advantage of any moments, both large and small, that support my ability to recharge and refocus my mind and efforts.” – Dr. G.

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