No more leaks: Building strong pelvic floor health - Ep. 48

August 15, 2022
Categories: Physical health
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How would you know if you had a pelvic floor problem?

If you thought you had a pelvic floor problem, would you need medical help to fix it?

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles, ligaments, nerves and connective tissues that support our pelvic organs.

Unfortunately, the pelvic floor doesn’t always function like it’s supposed to. The National Institutes of Health reports that almost 25 percent of women have pelvic floor disorders. Men can also experience pelvic health issues, which can even lead to erectile dysfunction.

Whether it’s weakness, pressure, heaviness, fullness, tightness or pain, there are ways medical experts can address pelvic problems. A pelvic floor issue shouldn’t keep you from any activity you want to do.

Listen as Dr. G and his guests, Kelly Jirschele, DO, a board-certified urogynecologist, and Natalie Florio, a physical therapist, discuss common pelvic floor disorders and how to treat and prevent them.


Myths vs. Facts

“Only women have pelvic floors.” - Myth
Both women and men have pelvic floors. While women have more frequent pelvic floor dysfunction, men can as well. 

“It’s not possible for men to exercise their pelvic floor as women do.” - Myth
Men can strengthen their pelvic floor muscles the same way women can.

“My pelvic floor is ruined from having kids. There’s no point.” - Myth
Your pelvic floor is never ruined, there are ways to address any complaint.

“Kegels are always the cure for pelvic floor problems.” – Myth
Kegels, especially if they’re improperly done, can do more harm than good. Sometimes they are not the best way to address a particular problem.

“I’ve only had caesarean sections, so I don’t need to worry.” - Myth
A lot of women who have never even had children have pelvic floor dysfunction.

“I’ve tried pelvic floor exercises and they don’t do anything.” – Myth
If pelvic floor exercises don’t seem to be working, that could mean you aren’t doing the exercises properly or there’s an additional treatment needed.

"All pelvic health problems are related to weakness in the pelvic floor.” - Myth
Sometimes the problem is too much tension.


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