Having surgery? Common procedures explained – Ep. 35

February 28, 2022
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Surgery, whether elective or emergency, is done for many reasons. It’s important for patients to be informed. 

Colonoscopy? Biopsy? C-section? Tonsillectomy? All surgical procedures.

Chances are, you’ll need some type of surgery, whether minor or major, at some point in your life. 
Surgery has changed a lot over the years, from the primitive methods of the Stone Age and Middle Ages to today’s minimally invasive procedures completed with an incision the size of a keyhole.

Surgeons and surgery are commonly misunderstood. And the idea of being cut open is understandably frightening, no matter how minor the procedure.

But the more you know about something, the less mysterious and scary it becomes (knowledge is power!). In Episode 35, you’ll learn more about what makes surgeons tick and get details on some of the most common surgical procedures from Mark Gomez, MD, and his guest, Peter Petratos, MD.


Myths vs. Facts

“If I’m referred to a surgeon, that automatically means I’m going to need surgery.” – Myth
You will be evaluated, as surgeons look for reasons for and against surgery. Sometimes another treatment method is determined.

“Laparoscopic surgery cannot be performed on the very old or the very young.” – Myth
Anyone, regardless of age, can be a candidate for laparoscopic surgery.

“Surgery cannot be performed on the elderly.” – Myth
Elderly people are treated with appropriate surgical interventions.

“During robotic surgery, a robot performs the surgery and the surgeon just feeds in some data then leaves the room.” – Myth
There’s no such thing as autopilot in robotic surgery. The name simply refers to a tool. The robot is controlled by the surgeon.

“All surgical procedures involve some sort of risk.” – Fact
That’s not to scare people away, but everything in life comes with inherent risk. 

“Open surgery is better than laparoscopic surgery, because the surgeon can see better with his/her own eyes.” – Myth
Open surgery allows for haptic (sense of touch) feedback for the surgeon, which may be best considering the individual case. But one method isn’t better than the other. There may be times when laparoscopic surgery is the better option.

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