“Shh, is it normal?" Health issues men avoid talking about - Ep. 19

August 9, 2021
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Men, let’s face it: The more honest we all are with our health, the better it can be. It’s more macho to admit something is going on with your health rather than avoid the subject.

When it comes to sexual health, what are the common issues men avoid talking about?  

Did you know that testosterone, the male dominant hormone, can affect everything from libido to muscle growth to brain health? While testosterone isn’t the cure for everything, it is important for male health.

Erectile dysfunction, loss of muscle mass and a lower sex drive could indicate low testosterone. There are other issues, such as premature ejaculation and urinary tract infections, that men may hesitate to bring up. To get help, however, men would have to share with their doctor that they are experiencing these perceived un-macho symptoms.

Remember: everything is open for discussion with your doctor (they’ve heard it all before).

In episode 19, host Mark Gomez, MD, and his guest, Paul Gittens, MD, FACS, discuss the taboo topics — specifically sexual health — men hate to bring up and why it’s important to address these health issues.


Myths vs. Facts

“Stress mitigates the effect of testosterone.” – Fact
High stress levels can lower your testosterone.

“Low testosterone is undertreated and underdiagnosed.” – Myth and Fact
Low testosterone is probably overtreated in men who seek medical care. Men should be treated for their symptoms as well as their numbers. There are also men who probably need treatment who aren’t coming forward.

“Low testosterone is a normal part of aging.” – Fact
It is a normal part of aging.

“There is no harm in taking OTC supplemental testosterone formulations.” – Myth
Some products are benign. But taking too much of almost anything is a bad thing. If you’re having symptoms, you should get properly diagnosed.

“Some active steps to prevent ED include exercising regularly, keeping a healthy weight, avoiding smoking or vaping, and taking care of other problems, including diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease.” – Fact
There are so many studies that show if you eat a healthy diet, it contributes to better erectile function. The more you smoke, you’re more likely to have ED. Lifestyle is important.

“Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) will cause prostate cancer.” – Myth
There’s no data that testosterone therapy causes prostate cancer.

“Testosterone excess will cause road rage, fighting among fathers at Little League games, and sexual promiscuity.” – Myth
High levels of testosterone can cause aggression, but the levels must be high. But that’s a rare occurrence in a medical practice.


Listener healthy OH-YEAH!

“I avoided exercise after my discharge from the Navy until Dr. Mark Gomez challenged me to finish a 5k. Since then, feeling the positive effects on my body, I continue to exercise daily. It is a journey I am thoroughly enjoying. Keep encouraging a healthy lifestyle.” – J.M.

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