When a healthcare choice also involves an ethical concern, such as a family member's wish to refuse life-sustaining treatment, decision-making can be challenging.

At Edward-Elmhurst Health, you aren’t alone when faced with these and other difficult bioethical decisions. Our multidisciplinary Bioethics Committee provides objective and well-informed counsel to help ease the pressure.

What is a bioethical dilemma?

Bioethical decisions often involve end-of-life situations, pain management, comfort care, or a patient's ability to make decisions for himself or herself.

Who is on the Bioethics Committee?

The Bioethics Committee is made up of doctors, nurses, chaplains of various denominations, social workers, educators and community members. All have a special interest in examining ethical principles, such as the patient’s rights and the healthcare system’s responsibilities.

How can the Bioethics Committee help?

A consultation with one or more members of the Bioethics Committee can provide a safe, confidential forum to guide you in making bioethical decisions. Consultations are available on an informal basis, either individually or in a small group. Consultations are also available on a more formal basis with the entire committee, when appropriate.