Patient advocacy / rights

As a patient, you have certain rights and responsibilities that will help you stay informed about your condition and understand the treatment you are receiving.

View your rights and responsibilities as a patient. (Edward Hospital & Linden Oaks)
View your rights and responsibilities as a patient. (Elmhurst Hospital)

Patient advocates

Our Patient Advocates will help resolve any concerns or questions you have while you’re at the hospital. We can also provide important information for you and your family in areas such as advance directives, ethical decision support, and our deaf-talk video interpreting system (which connects a deaf patient with an interpreter).

Contact us at any time during or after your stay with any compliments, complaints or concerns about your care:

Edward Hospital: 630-527-7225
Elmhurst Hospital: 331-221-1115
Linden Oaks Behavioral Health: 630-305-5115