Rehab for work-related injuries

The physical and occupational therapists at Edward-Elmhurst Health are specialists in work-related injuries and support the philosophy of rapid return to the workplace with or without restricted duty.

For the patient

Beginning with the initial evaluation and continuing through the individualized treatment program, we work with each patient to recover from injury and regain skills for work-related tasks. We provide direction on ergonomic modifications, instruction on body mechanics, injury prevention and perform "return to work" testing as needed.

To further assist the individual to reach their full post-injury potential and transition from injury recovery to return to work, we offer a work conditioning program at our Seven Bridges Fitness Center. Additionally, formal functional capacity evaluations can be scheduled at our Naperville Dynacom clinic to measure physical strength, range of motion, stamina, and tolerance of functional activities, to determine the necessity of work restrictions.

For the employer

Edward-Elmhurst Health Rehabilitation offers post-offer test design and implementation. Our test design is based on the essential physical demands of each job position. As needed, we can assist the employer in identifying those demands in order to provide testing that is OSHA, ADA and EEOC compliant. We offer employee training in ergonomics and musculoskeletal injury prevention across all work shifts. We also perform individual ergonomic assessments and can provide recommendations on ergonomic modifications from a short term “fix” to “an ideal situation,” recognizing the fiscal and scheduling realities of the work environment.

What makes us different?

  • One-on-one treatments with the same therapist each session
  • All treatments provided by a licensed therapist
  • Focus on function and return to work goals
  • We treat non-surgical, pre-surgical and post-surgical patients

Comprehensive occupational health services include:

  • Functional capacity evaluations (FCE)
  • Workers’ compensation rehabilitation
  • Work conditioning
  • Job/work site analysis
  • Post-offer/job-specific screenings
  • Back-to-school or work screenings
  • Ergonomics screenings


  • Strengthening and stretching
  • Stability training
  • Mobility training
  • Functional activity training
  • Education on injury prevention upon return to work
  • Pain science education
  • Body mechanics and ergonomic training
  • Pain reducing modalities