LSVT Big and Loud

Parkinson’s disease affects movement, muscle control and balance. It can affect daily physical activities through an increase in muscle stiffness, slowness in movement, decreased size of movement, resting tremors and gait disorder. It can also impact psychological mood, facial expression, increase fatigue and decrease volume of speech. 

Physical therapy is an important part of Parkinson’s treatment. Rehabilitation can help patients improve their mobility, speech and functional abilities. Several of our physical and speech therapists are certified in Parkinson Therapy LSVT BIG and LOUD.

LSVT is a protocol that was developed specifically to address the movement and speech impairments for people with Parkinson’s disease. The protocol is both intensive and complex, with use of repetition and a focus on amplitude with activities that are used in daily living. Whether Parkinson’s Disease is in the early or late stages, LSVT BIG and LOUD offers innovative and clinically proven methods that can help to improve speed, balance, gait, speech and quality of life. 

LSVT BIG treatments include:

  • Stability training
  • Mobility training
  • Functional activity and transfer training
  • Strengthening
  • Balance and gait training

LSVT LOUD treatments include:

  • Increasing volume of speech
  • Improving reading
  • Improving swallowing
  • Improving conversation