Medical Fitness

Your path to a healthy life

The Medical Fitness Program at Edward-Elmhurst Health & Fitness Center was created to support individuals navigating health issues, medical conditions or chronic diseases. Our safe and effective exercise strategies, guided by our degreed and nationally accredited fitness staff, can help pave the way to living your healthiest life. Upon physician referral, your individualized assessment and medically-based fitness plan will get you on your way to reducing your health risks and easing symptoms, or just moving more and feeling better.

 Follow these steps to start your journey:

  1. Complete the Medical Fitness Program request form.
  2. Explore your membership options. 
  3. Begin your customized fitness program. 

For more information, please view this flyer or connect with the Medical Fitness team at or 630-646-7902


Exercise and Diabetes
Learn how to improve your blood sugars if living with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes to help delay the onset of diabetic complications through physical activity and healthy eating. Educational materials & healthy recipes to reinforce efforts.
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A Class to Remember
Aerobic, resistance, neuromotor and flexibility training to benefit the Alzheimer’s participant and their caregiver, spouse or loved-one both cognitively & functionally.
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Got Your Back
Provides specific education and exercises to help manage and reduce the risk of low back pain.
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Back on Track
Class is designed to work with the treatment & management of cancer by enhancing aerobic capacity, muscular strength & flexibility. Physician recommendation is required.
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Fitness for Senior Populations
Specialized exercise class to maintain or improve functional movement and strength to stay active into later years. Includes standing and movement-based exercises.
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Endurance, flexibility & relaxation exercises performed in Therapy Pool.
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Gentle exercise to help increase joint range of motion & muscle strength in Therapy Pool.
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Delay the Disease®: Exercise for Parkinson’s
Certified Delay the Disease® instructor will help improve quality of life with exercises that incorporate joint strength, range of motion, balance, coordination and neurological training designed specifically for the Parkinson’s patient.
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Parkinson’s Cycle
Program follows parameters set forth in Cleveland Clinic study that revealed an increase in brain activity and reduction in Parkinson’s symptoms after performing a specific cycling protocol.
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Parkinson’s Cardio Circuit Training
A rigorous and challenging program to take participants past their comfort zone and improve motor control and delay the progression of symptoms.
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Knockout Parkinson’s
Certified Rock Steady Boxing® instructor leads a non-contact boxing and circuit training-based curriculum proven to be neuro-protective and delay progression of symptoms!
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Parkinson’s Triple Threat
Increase exercise intensity & heart rate to increase the neurotransmitter dopamine with 20-minute segments each of cycling, boxing and weight training.
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Falls Prevention for Seniors
Balance and mobility program to help improve neuromotor skills and reduce risk factors that contribute to falling. Involves standing & movement-based exercises.
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