Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is believed to be an autoimmune disease in which the body attacks the lining of the nerves. This damage causes scarring that blocks signals the brain is trying to send the body — about how or when to move or speak, for example. The type and severity of symptoms depends on how much scarring there is, and where it's located.

At Edward-Elmhurst Health, we're here to help you find the right combination of conventional treatments and new, state-of-the art options to help relieve your symptoms and slow the progression of the disease. We offer services for MS at our Elmhurst and Warrenville locations:

Elmhurst: 331-221-9095
Warrenville: 630-836-9121

About multiple sclerosis

Early symptoms of multiple sclerosis may include problems with vision, balance, dizziness or bladder function, or sensory changes such as numbness or tingling. Some individuals develop problems with memory or muscle weakness.

Most people with MS have recurring flare-ups of symptoms. But the pattern of the disease varies widely. Some people never develop serious symptoms, while those at the other end of the spectrum face symptoms that can progress relatively rapidly. Early treatment provides the best chance of avoiding later disability.

Expert MS diagnosis and treatment

Our MS Clinic's medical director is board-certified neurologist Henry Echiverri, MD, who brings more than 20 years of experience working with patients who have MS and other neurological disorders.

You can come to the MS Clinic for an initial diagnosis, second opinion and/or treatment — most of which can be done onsite.

An MS diagnosis is based on clinical exam, MRI and spinal taps, all of which can be done at the Clinic.

Then, our anti-MS treatment arsenal includes traditional steroid injections and the latest oral medications. If you are unable to tolerate or respond to routine treatments, we may employ a newer, more innovative treatment, such as plasma exchange, or chemotherapy involving cancer drugs combined with steroids. Most treatments can be done at the Clinic, except infusion treatments for certain patients, which are provided at Edward Cancer Center.

You also have access to physical, occupational and speech therapy services to help minimize any loss of function.

For more information or to make an appointment at the MS Clinic in Warrenville, call 630-836-9121.

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