Med Staff Update


COVID-19 Vaccinations Underway


We have arrived at a significant time in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic as we have already administered the vaccine to over 6,700 employees, physicians and volunteers.

The vaccine represents a turning point that can put us on the path to ending the pandemic, just as other vaccines have done. We must embrace the scientific rigor and commitment to safety that was integral to its development.

For the safety of our staff, our patients and our community, we are strongly encouraging all staff and physicians to be vaccinated.

For additional information visit the vaccination page on the COVID-19 portal for news on the vaccine clinics at the following URL,

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Dr. Sanjeeb Khatua departs EEH


Dr. Sanjeeb Khatua’s last day as Executive Vice President and Chief Physician Executive for Edward-Elmhurst was December 30.

Dr. Khatua recently resigned from EEH to take on a new role as President/CEO of Unity Point Clinic, a division of the UnityPoint Health System in Iowa, where he will be responsible for 1,200 physicians across nine regions.

Sanjeeb joined EEH ten years ago as an EMG Family Practice physician. He served as Chief Medical Officer for Edward Hospital and Vice President for Physician Network and Population Health before assuming the role of Chief Physician Executive for the System in January 2019.

Throughout his tenure, Dr. Khatua proved to be a talented physician and a dynamic leader who was well respected for his vision, creativity and collaborative style. He was a strong contributor to the System Executive Team, where he always represented the best interest of our physicians and our patients through a steadfast focus on clinical outcomes, quality and the patient experience.

Dr. Khatua provided extraordinary leadership as the Incident Commander for Edward-Elmhurst’s COVID-19 response. In this role, he not only assembled the infrastructure needed to ensure a comprehensive and effective clinical response, but he enabled the rapid implementation of many best practices by networking with providers across the country and providing clear and exceptional direction to every COVID response team.

We wish Dr. Khatua all the best in his new role.

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Dr. Daniel Sullivan appointed EEH Chief Physician Executive


Dr. Dan Sullivan now serves as the Chief Physician Executive for Edward-Elmhurst Health.

In this role Dr. Sullivan will provide leadership and oversight for quality and physician engagement across the system - driving improvements in clinical outcomes, quality, efficiency and the patient experience.

Dan Sullivan is a Board-Certified cardiologist who has been on the medical staff of Elmhurst Hospital since 1994. During his tenure he held many leadership positions including the Chief of Cardiology, Director of the Cath Lab, Chairperson of Internal Medicine, and President of the Medical Staff.

He joined the administrative team as Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for Elmhurst Hospital in July 2013 when Edward and Elmhurst Hospitals merged.

Dan is an insightful strategist and leader who is trusted by staff and physicians for his collaborative style, fair-mindedness, and ability to listen and achieve mutually acceptable solutions.

We are eager to work with Dr. Sullivan in his new role.

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Dr. Kirsten Zeitler accepts position of System Chief Medical Informatics Officer

Zeitler Kirsten

Dr. Kirsten Zeitler has accepted the permanent position of System Chief Medical Informatics Officer (CMIO).

Having previously served in the role of Associate System CMIO, Dr. Zeitler stepped into the interim System CMIO role with the departure of Dr. John Lee in July. Dr. Zeitler is a board-certified pediatrician who began her career with EEH in 2001 at the Elmhurst Clinic.

As a part of the Epic ambulatory optimization project, Dr. Zeitler became one of our first physician builders. Dr. Zeitler took on a leadership role as Ambulatory Medical Informatics Director in 2016 at Elmhurst and then took on the system role a year later.

As CMIO Dr. Zeitler has oversight over clinical informatics, physician builders, and our IT physician advisory councils.

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Katie McGovern promoted to Vice President Medical Group Operations

McGovern KatiePhoto

Katie McGovern has been promoted to Vice President Medical Group Operations.

In this position Katie will provide leadership and oversight for physician office operations across the system. Katie is responsible for 760 employees and an operating budget of approximately $300 million.

Katie is a strong leader who has earned the respect of physicians across the EEH system. Her collaborative style, ability to listen and compromise, and willingness to negotiate for win-win solutions are keys to Katie’s success. Katie has been integral in the development of the physician enterprise and has a long track record of meeting operational, financial and clinical key performance indicators for the organization.

Katie started at Edward Hospital in 1998 as an internal auditor. Through the years she held various roles including Director of Financial Services, Controller for Edward Health Ventures (EHV), and Associate Vice President for physician practice management and EHV.

Following the merger of Edward and Elmhurst Hospitals in 2013, Katie assumed responsibility for the management of the physician practice division at Elmhurst. Katie has a degree in Accounting from Northern Illinois University and she is a Certified Public Accountant.

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Jennifer McNulty, MD, accepts role of System Medical Director for EEH Pediatric Services

mcnulty jennifer

Dr. McNulty is board certified in both Pediatrics and Pediatric Emergency Medicine. She trained at the University of Illinois Chicago College of Medicine and completed her pediatric residency at The Children’s Hospital, Denver.

Jennifer finished her Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship at Lurie Children’s Hospital, Chicago.

Dr. McNulty joined the medical staff in 2001 and has been involved in several committees including the Edward Trauma Committee, COVID-19 Steering Committee, Pediatric Critical Care Committee, and the Pediatric Transfer and Quality Committee, to name a few. Jennifer took on the role of pediatric ED Medical Director in 2015 and, in 2016, she became the Medical Director for Pediatrics at Edward Hospital. She is an active member of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the AAP Section of Emergency Medicine.

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Dr. Fasiha Saeed assumes Edward PICU Medical Director role


In November, Dr. Fasiha Saeed took on a new role as Edward PICU Medical Director. In addition to her role at Edward, she is on staff as a Pediatric Intensivist at Advocate Children’s Hospital, Park Ridge. Previously she worked at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin as a PICU Hospitalist.

Dr. Varsha Gharpure, former Edward PICU Medical Director, made the decision to step away from her role and assume more responsibility for research projects within Advocate Children’s Hospital. Dr. Gharpure continues to provide coverage as a member of the PICU physician team.

Congratulations to Dr. Saeed on her new role and thank you to Dr. Gharpure for her time in the role and contribution to the program.

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Dr. Wadas named Associate Medical Director, Continuum of Care and Wellness


In her role, Dr. Wadas assists in fostering a comprehensive, cohesive, and coordinated approach to the care of patients within the EEH Physician Practices and Hospital based outpatient clinics, which includes:

  • Providing support in developing, planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating continuum of care/population health services in terms of overall system goals of clinical quality, value and satisfaction.
  • Adding a wellness/preventative component to services delivered through the continuum of care not only to improve our service offerings, but to positively impact quality and total cost of care.
  • Working with Human Resources for the EEH employee population to positively impact wellness.
  • Taking an active role in Physician Vitality as well as creating and implementing wellness care pathways for preventative purposes as well as for improving outcomes for patients with chronic disease.

Dr. Wadas’ prior leadership roles include Director of Non-Invasive Cardiology and Chairman of the Department of Medicine at Elmhurst Hospital.Dr. Wadas is an American Board of Internal Medicine physician with a Subspecialty in Cardiovascular Disease. In addition, she holds a Master of Jurisprudence in Health Law from Loyola University and has completed a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine.

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Introducing Health 360 podcast with Dr. G


Edward-Elmhurst Health has partnered with Dr. Mark Gomez to inform and inspire healthy lifestyles in our communities and beyond through a new podcast - Health 360 with Dr. G, a Healthy Driven podcast.

The Health 360 with Dr. G podcast will feature conversations with experts from Edward-Elmhurst Health, the Chicago area and around the nation. Dr. Gomez, a board-certified internal medicine physician with Edward-Elmhurst Health, and his guests will take complex topics and break them down into simpler terms. From physical health to mental health, Dr. Gomez will dig into every angle to explain tough topics and inspire healthier living.

Health 360 with Dr. G is set to drop the first episode on Jan. 11. Episodes will be available in both video and audio format.

Subscribe to the Health 360 with Dr. G newsletter to be the first to know when new episodes are available at

Follow Health 360 with Dr. G on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for notifications about new episodes and a behind-the-scenes look at the podcast.

Facebook at @Health360wDrG
Twitter at @Health360wDrG
Instagram at @Health360wDrG

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EMR efficiency is within reach

Using Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is not everyone’s favorite past-time. But don’t let it consume all your time and frustration! Help is here.

We are pleased to offer live one-on-one Epic training for providers that use Epic in daily practice, including physicians and allied health professionals.

The purpose of this training is to show providers how to:

  • Customize the EMR software to accommodate provider workflows
  • Optimize documentation and ordering tools
  • Review upgrades
  • Evaluate areas of concern or unease
  • Ease the burden of documentation

Ultimately, you’ll learn tools to navigate EMR so it becomes less complex and more efficient – leading to greater physician vitality.

This training has been offered previously but is now available for credit.

Register today on CloudCME©.

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Pediatric Surgeons Offer Care for Kids at Edward and Elmhurst Hospitals


Edward Medical Group (EMG) pediatric surgeons Ami Shah, MD, and Marybeth Madonna, MD, are board-certified and fellowship trained. They perform pediatric surgery at Edward Hospital, and are now also on the medical staff at Elmhurst Hospital.

Their approach to pediatric surgery takes into consideration the specific needs of children and the long-term effects of surgery, and ensures children get the follow-up care they need for as long as they need it.

“The care and physiology of children is different,” explains Dr. Shah. “How we talk to children and their families is different, along with factors such as emotional needs and family dynamics — all of these elements play an important role in care we provide.”

Ensuring both children and their parents are knowledgeable about the surgery is key to easing fears and creating a positive patient-family experience. Children are involved in the conversation about their surgery at age-appropriate levels, so both parents and children understand what to expect.

Specialties include:

  • General pediatric surgery 
  • Neonate and infant surgery
  • Pediatric thoracic surgery 
  • Pediatric minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery
  • Single-incision appendectomies
  • Pediatric surgical oncology 
  • Biliary atresia
  • Bowel management 
  • Congenital anomalies 
  • Inguinal hernias/hydroceles/circumcision 
  • Nutritional support/gastrostomy feeding tube

Both Drs. Shah and Madonna, who are also associated with Rush University Medical Center, take a multidisciplinary approach to their patients’ care at Edward-Elmhurst by working closely with referring physicians, other pediatric subspecialists, pediatric hospitalists and child-life specialists to ensure continuity of care.

“We stay abreast of the latest developments, data and clinical trials and use evidence-based techniques, while keeping the larger picture — the impact of surgery on a child’s life — at the forefront,” says Dr. Shah.

EMG Pediatric Surgery offers clinic days for consultations and follow-up appointments every Tuesday at Edward Hospital and every other Thursday at Elmhurst Hospital.

Need to refer a patient? Contact the EMG Pediatric Surgery office at 630-527-2910 or contact one of the Edward-Elmhurst pediatric nurse navigators at 630-527-KIDS(5437).

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EEH is changing from passwords to passphrases


As part of our continuing quest to keep Edward-Elmhurst Health as safe as possible, all employees, physicians and contract staff are asked to change their EEH password to a passphrase to help strengthen the security of EEH user accounts, PHI, and EEH proprietary information.

Passphrases are more effective than simple passwords that are not as secure and can more easily be hacked. It’s simple to make this change and we can all help enhance our security by creating more complex passphrases that are tougher for cybercriminals to crack.

If you have not already received it, watch for an email with your assigned compliance deadline from the IT department. Please make the change prior to your assigned deadline.

Please email with questions.

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Physician Vitality Survey


We recognize that it has been a very difficult year filled with many challenges. In addition to maneuvering a coronavirus pandemic, you have all been responsible for managing the health and well-being of your patients, keeping your offices and staff safe, and being there for your families. Many of you are feeling the strain of this unpredictable time. We have developed a team to help improve physician vitality.

We want to work alongside you to determine your biggest obstacles and frustrations as physicians so we can help you stay healthy and engaged.

National statistics show that today over 42% of physicians are feeling some degree of burnout. This can decrease patient and physician satisfaction, increase physical illness and increase malpractice risk– all things we would like to help you avoid.

You should have received a survey link from MindGarden, an industry leader in providing tools to facilitate positive personal and organizational transformation.

The intent of this survey is to help us gauge how you are feeling about wellness and burnout. This survey can also help you gain insight about your potential need for resources and support to better deal with the challenges of work, personal issues and overall well-being. Mind Garden will also aggregate the results so no individual results will be reported.

Over 300 physicians have already participated in the survey, but we would love to hear from more of you.

We would like to use the results to develop an action plan to promote a culture of wellness and engagement. This survey is completely confidential with no individual results shown. Please help us help you by spending about 30 minutes providing honest and thoughtful answers on this important issue.

If you are having trouble finding or access the survey please reach out to Jennifer Donohue at

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CPI Prevention First for physicians


To say stressors are high these days is an understatement.

Between the changes, sacrifices and uncertainties brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic coupled with escalating political unrest and racial tensions, our patients, visitors and communities are experiencing a great deal of stress.

Sometimes they take their frustration out on those that mean well, including physicians, employees and others at Edward-Elmhurst Health. While threatening incidents at EEH are not the norm, they can and do occur, so we need to be prepared to handle a variety of potential situations within our walls.

Learn key points and enroll today.

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21st Century Cures Act – EEH working to meet regulations


Federal rules now require immediately releasing provider daily progress notes (both inpatient and outpatient), and all laboratory, radiology, pathology reports to patients via their electronic health record.

Edward-Elmhurst Health has been sharing vital signs, allergies, medications, immunizations, lab/pathology/radiology results in MyChart anywhere from 24 hours to four days depending on the plan set in place for auto release.

We also release most ambulatory notes at this time as well. This new process is simply an extension of what we are currently doing to provide safe, seamless and personal care our patients and meet the government regulations.

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Everywhere else it's healthcare. Here, it's personal.


It takes a special kind of person to work in healthcare.

Our jobs are demanding. The hours can be long. And just when we feel we’ve adjusted to the latest change, something new comes along.

It is clear, from the constant feedback of our patients, that Edward-Elmhurst Health is made up of people who share a certain, special “something” – a passion for what you all do that goes well beyond a job.

Our marketing team has created a new campaign that highlights the special kind of people who make Edward-Elmhurst Health the compassionate, award winning organization we are today.

Staff and physicians who have that “something special” who will represent us over the next year in our campaign include:

  • Terry Batura, RN – Nursing Supervisor
  • Marc Browning, RN, Psy D, ABPP – Psychologist
  • John Cahill, MD – Cardiology
  • Phillip Cozzi, MD – Pulmonary Medicine
  • Alexander Hantel, MD – Oncology/Hematology
  • Maria Huerta, RN – Oncology
  • Keith Nguyen, PharmD – Clinical Pharmacist
  • Ebony Rice – Lab Outpatient Care Tech
  • Nooshig Luz Salvador, MD – Palliative Care Medicine
  • Daryl Wilson, MD – Emergency Medicine

You will find the brand campaign on broadcast and cable TV (Comcast), Hulu, radio, Pandora, billboards, newspapers/magazine, and digital/social media.

You can click on the links below for a sneak peek at our new television and radio spots and you can also learn more on the new campaign landing page at

TV spots

Radio Spots of Maria Huerta, RN, Dr. Salvador and Dr. Cozzi can be found at P:\Marketing\Here, it's personal.

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EEH honored by Healthgrades for excellence in cardiac care


Edward and Elmhurst Hospitals have been named in Healthgrades' 2021 Specialty Excellence Awards for cardiac care.

102 hospitals were ranked for their cardiac care. The hospitals in this ranking demonstrated excellent clinical outcomes for heart bypass surgery, coronary interventional procedures, heart attack treatment, heart failure treatment and heart valve surgery.

See the complete rankings

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Edward-Elmhurst again recognized among healthcare’s Most Wired

chimeEdward-Elmhurst Health has once again earned CHIME's Digital Health Most Wired Level 8 Acute and Level 8 Ambulatory recognition for 2020.

See the details of this prestigious award

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