COVID-19 testing

How do I schedule a COVID-19 test?

Once your physician has submitted an order for a COVID-19 test, you may call Central Scheduling at 630-527-3200 to make your appointment.

Patients can also schedule their own COVID-19 test through MyChart® (an active physician order from an Edward-Elmhurst provider is required).

To sign-up for MyChart, download the MyEEHealth™ app and create a MyChart account. The MyEEHealth app is available from the App Store and Google Play.

Where can I get a COVID-19 test?

Edward-Elmhurst Health offers COVID-19 testing at nine outpatient lab locations (appointments are required).

COVID-19 testing is also available at seven Immediate Care locations, as well as our Walk-in Clinics. No appointment is necessary for the 2-day/regular test.

Find a location and just walk-in or save your spot with On My Way

When will I find out my test results?

If results are not available at the time of the test, patients will receive their COVID-19 test results through their MyChart account or from their doctor’s office.

Keep in mind, if your test is negative, it is possible you were not infected at the time your specimen was collected and you could become positive later.

What is the process for COVID-19 pre-op testing? 

We are currently requiring pre-procedure COVID-19 testing for all patients regardless of vaccination status. Testing protocols may change in the future as we continue to re-evaluate based on guidance from the IDPH and CDC.

Testing must be completed within 72 hours of the procedure. Either Pre-Op or Central Scheduling will contact you to make an appointment for testing.

Patients being tested for COVID-19 prior to surgery or a procedure must self-quarantine from the time of your test until your surgery or procedure. You will receive guidelines to follow.

Exception: Patients who cannot self-quarantine due to work or other required activities must wear a mask at all times (at work and in public), wash hands frequently, avoid large crowds, and maintain proper social distance at work or in public. If you are not able to follow these guidelines or if your COVID-19 test result is positive, your surgery or procedure may be delayed or cancelled.

If you need a surgical procedure and you haven’t been vaccinated, you should get vaccinated against COVID-19 before surgery to protect yourself and others.

Other COVID-19 test sites

Testing also is available to Illinois residents through the counties and state. More information is available here.