About the Elmhurst Memorial Hospital Foundation

As the non-profit fundraising arm of Elmhurst Hospital, the Elmhurst Memorial Hospital Foundation exists to help the hospital provide the highest quality healthcare to the communities we serve.

Your support matters

Your support matters now more than ever. Donate to the Elmhurst Memorial Hospital Foundation today or call 331-221-4483 for more information.

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Giving back

With the help of generous donors like you, the following Foundation accomplishments have made a difference to thousands of Elmhurst patients in recent years:

  • $34 million raised during the Exceptional Past, Extraordinary Future capital campaign to build the new Elmhurst Hospital main campus
  • $350,000 toward the BrainLab Navigation System for the Neurosciences department
  • $107,000 to The Learning Center for Diabetes to provide resources for patients and their families
  • $25,000 to fund the Breast Surveillance program
  • $12,000 in scholarship awards to Elmhurst Hospital teen volunteers

Board of Trustees

Our leadership

The Elmhurst Memorial Hospital Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization led by a board of trustees separate from Elmhurst Memorial Hospital and Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare. Foundation board members are volunteers who live or work in the communities served by the hospital. Their personal and professional expertise provides valuable leadership.

Elmhurst Memorial Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees

  • Kenneth Wegner, Chairman
  • Michelle Meziere, M.D., Vice Chairman
  • Danelle Achepohl
  • Valerie Cahill
  • Kathy Caluwaert
  • Michael Grant
  • Ann Gunst
  • Ryon Hennessy, M.D
  • Blanche Hill
  • Mike Hoffman, M.D.
  • Richard Inskeep
  • Ray Janevicius, M.D.
  • Paul Koch
  • Caron Lizzadro
  • Mary Ann Malloy, M.D.
  • Michael Martirano, M.D.
  • James McNamara
  • Edward Momkus
  • Christina Morrissey
  • James Nelson
  • Anne Oldenburg
  • Michael Regan
  • Nancy Scinto
  • Daniel Sullivan, M.D.
  • Daniel Welz

Board officers

  • Pamela Dunley, President
  • Chris Mollet, Corporate Secretary

Board Chair

Meet Ken Wegner, chairman of the Foundation Board of Trustees

KenWegner_thmbKen is president of the Jel Sert Company, makers of Fla-Vor-Ice and other refreshments, headquartered in West Chicago. He also is the School Board President of Immaculate Conception Grade School, a member of the Young President’s Organization-Chicago Chapter and coach for AYSO soccer and Immaculate Conception Grade School track.

Ken’s involvement with Elmhurst Hospital began in 1987 when he became a founding member of the EMH Foundation Special Event Committee. He joined the Foundation’s Board of Trustees in 1991 and was elected as the board’s chairman in 1995. Ken and his wife, Julia, live in Elmhurst.

Community Advisory Cabinet

Our Community Advisory Cabinet members are volunteers appointed by the Board of Trustees to serve as community advocates for Elmhurst Hospital and the Elmhurst Foundation. Their time and talents help us launch and promote new community initiatives, such as the Mental Health First Aid program.

Community Advisory Cabinet members


  • Paul Koch*
  • Jim Nelson*

Committee members

  • Danelle Achepohl*
  • John Binneboese
  • Josh Bretl
  • Valerie Cahill*
  • Kathy Caluwaert*
  • Mike Grant*
  • Blanche Hill*
  • Paul Hinds
  • Scott Levin
  • Mark Lovelace
  • Michelle Meziere, M.D.*
  • Steve Morley
  • Christina Morrissey*
  • Mary Alice Povolny
  • Mike Regan*
  • Brian Stolper
  • Dan Welz*
  • Deanna Wilkins
  • Lucille Zucchero

Staff liaisons

  • Susan Tyburski, Executive Director, EMH Foundation

*EMH Foundation Trustee


Susan Tyburski, Executive Director

Blair Williams, Manager of Development

Krista DesBiens, Database Administrator

Noreen Guido, Administrative Assistant