Our specialties

Edward-Elmhurst Health's Orthopedic Center offers expertise in a wide range of specialty areas. Our orthopedic surgeons and spine neurosurgeons offer less-invasive procedures and alternative treatments for joint, back and neck pain. We’re close to home with locations in Naperville and Elmhurst.

Arm, hand, wrist & elbow. It isn’t easy to live without the full use of a hand or arm, or to suffer with wrist or elbow pain and swelling.

Hip. It’s our goal to help patients have less pain and better mobility, to heal faster and return to life sooner. Learn about hip fracture repair.

Knee. If chronic knee pain is disrupting your life, knee replacement surgery may be a solution.

Leg, foot & ankle. A foot injury or ankle injury can drastically change your life. We want to help you feel strong and pain-free again.

Shoulder. While the shoulder is the most flexible joint in the body, it is also the most fragile.

Spine. Living with back pain or neck pain can be frustrating – especially when it interferes with your daily life.

Sports Medicine. We diagnose and treat our patients with the goal of getting them back to their sports as quickly as possible.

Pain management. Whether you’re recovering from surgery or looking for back, neck or joint pain relief, our experts can help.