Imaging and radiology

Maybe you need an X-ray or it’s time for your mammogram. You may need special testing, like a CT scan or MRI, to help with a diagnosis. Edward-Elmhurst Health offers a full suite of imaging services, backed by the expertise of a team of board-certified radiologists.

Convenient, comfortable imaging tests

We make it easy to get a test and get on with your day. At Edward-Elmhurst, you can choose from a variety of appointment options, including evening and weekend times, at multiple locations throughout the area. Once here, you’ll discover a warm and welcoming environment, with supportive team members who focus on your individual needs and comfort.

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At Edward-Elmhurst Health, you have access to a full range of procedures used to screen, diagnose and monitor disease.

Imaging and radiology tests

Our advanced technology ensures accurate results while using the lowest possible radiation for your safety.

  • Computerized tomography (CT scan), including low-dose technology and 320-slice CT – Produces three-dimensional pictures of a cross-section of the body
  • X-ray – Takes digital images of anatomical structures
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), including wide-bore imaging for greater patient comfort – Uses a large magnet and radio waves to create 2D and 3D images of organs and body structures
  • Nuclear medicine – Uses small amounts of radioactive material to assess bodily functions
  • PET/CT scan – A specialized nuclear medicine procedure that is combined with CT technology to detect changes in body tissue and locate them with precision
  • Ultrasound – Relies on high-frequency sound waves to scan body tissues

Other imaging, screening and radiology services:

Advanced imaging for women
Lung cancer screening
Interventional radiology