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Why your weight matters when you want to have a baby

An important factor in a healthy pregnancy is a healthy weight. Learn how being overweight or underweight affects your fertility, pregnancy and...

Patient: The Weight Loss Clinic gave me my life back

Naperville mom Rachel Demma was morbidly obese and frustrated. Now she's 100 pounds lighter, thanks to the Weight Loss Clinic.

Aspiring teacher develops prediabetes, undergoes surgery to lose weight

For 25-year-old Bianca Lopez, of Elmhurst, weight was always an issue. She tried every diet she could but nothing seemed to work.

She lost the weight, then it was time for the hard work ... keeping it off

Kelly Sopher attributes her 60-pound weight loss and new lifestyle to these two supports.

Plainfield man’s weight loss journey ends in victory for his joints

In February 2018, Paul Fleming, of Plainfield, Illinois, faced a hard truth that he had let his weight get out of hand.

Weight loss paves way for Plainfield woman to get hip replaced

When Tracy Campbell saw an orthopedic surgeon for hip pain, he said she needed to lose weight or he couldn’t help her. Campbell weighed 276 pounds...

Fed up; how weight loss led to a new life

In August 2016, Eric Suarez had reached a point where his weight was seriously interfering with everyday life.

Retired pharmacist wins weight loss battle through lifestyle changes alone

Retired pharmacist and pharmacy professor Lois Garland-Patterson, 72, of Naperville, is no stranger to health battles.

Doug’s story: My weight-loss journey started “by accident”

Hello, my name is Doug. I’m 31 years old, 5-feet, 9-inches tall and once weighed 337.7 lbs.

The best workout for weight loss? The one that fits your goal

Keeping both the heart rate zones and the energy systems in mind, the most effective workout is going be one that fits your specific goal.

Page 2 of 25 | Results 11 - 20 of 244