Nabihah Khan, PA

99 Ratings20 Comments
Endeavor Health Medical Group
Hospital Affiliations:
Elmhurst Hospital
English, Hindi, Urdu
Clinical Interests:
Hair Loss; Wart Removals; Nail Disorders; Atopic Dermatitis; Eczema; Moles; Psoriasis; Skin Cancer; Skin Biopsy

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This provider is an employee of one of the Edward-Elmhurst Health System entities.



Philosophy Of Care

I strive to provide compassionate, competent care through every stage of the patient's life. My goal is to encourage patients to be proactive by listening, having open communication and providing patient education

Education & Credentials

Education: Midwestern University, 2018




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Overall Patient Rating
4.3 out of 5
(99 Ratings, 20 Comments)
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Nurse Khan was very helpful!!
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I told the doctor that a certain medication was healing my skin condition and she chose to take me off with no explanation. She just stated that she wanted to put me back on the medication that did not work for me after I explained that to her.
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Dr. Khan's service, in my personal opinion, wasn't good. The appointment felt rushed and more like a business transaction than a genuine concern for my health. She didn't ask how I was doing and didn't seem interested in addressing my issue. I wouldn't recommend her unless you want to feel like just another task on her list. She seemed rushed and unwilling to have a brief conversation about what was going on. Everything felt hurried.
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No issues.
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Care provider was very good
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She did give me the time to ask questions. But she did NOT talk to me at all of any any, help with decision making and didn't make me feel at ease. She said I may need a second treatment but that's it. She didn't say how I should treat my wound after the spray. Which she also came in the room with the spray gun and asked to do it. I asked about the warts being contagious and it didn't sound like she was very informative. I read her notes and she didn't talk to me about the risks and she made very generic notes which werent accurate. Meaning she didn't assist in any way of helping make me knowledgeable of the issue.
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She listen to me and answered all my questions.
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Provider spent maybe 3-5 minutes in room with me. Zero questions about me or getting to know me even though just met me. Didn't explain things or answer questions well seemed very eager to finish and leave
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The nurse practitioner appeared very bored or tired during the appointment. At one point, she was resting her elbow on the counter slouched and looking unprofessional. The scan may have been thorough but appeared very rushed to get me in and out to see the next patient. She listened well and gave me excellent options for my concern, however, the bed side manner was very poor compared to any doctor I've visited in this healthcare group.
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It was a very short appointment, which was fine. However, she quickly dismissed my concerns and did not explain why she was dismissing them. I had many moles that seemed odd and had strange coloring, not distinct borders, and had grown. She said she was not concerned, which I was glad that they weren't an issue. But I would have liked to know why she didn't think they were an issue, when usually if moles have these characteristics they may be a problem. Her attitude made it seem like it was a chore to take a look at them and spend time talking to me about these concerns. Our appointment lasted a very short time, felt like 5 minutes.