Lombard Fire Dept. honored by Elmhurst Hospital

November 30, 2022
Lombard FD Elmhurst Hospital’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has awarded its “Run of the Month” for July-August 2022 to the Lombard Fire Department.

On Aug. 3, Lombard Fire Department Paramedics Ryan Carlson, Bob Hopper, Brennen Legan, Joel Montiel and Joe Shark were dispatched to a residence where a 61-year-old male was complaining of chest pain.

The patient was moved to the ambulance where his condition changed and he became unresponsive. Testing showed the patient was experiencing a heart attack. Paramedics treated the patient with CPR, defibrillation, cardioversion, breathing assistance and medication. He was transported to the Elmhurst Hospital Emergency Department for further evaluation and treatment. The patient was released from Elmhurst Hospital to a rehabilitation facility 19 days later.

This run was selected because of behavior exceeding the call of duty in the field and excellent communication.

In the “Run of the Month” program, Elmhurst Hospital’s EMS Team reviews ambulance runs by pre-hospital providers and selects one to be recognized based on the following criteria:

--Excellent communication from the field that resulted in the timely delivery of pertinent clinical information to the Elmhurst Hospital ED staff
--Clear and thorough documentation
--Superior clinical assessment skills that resulted in accurate recognition of a clinical situation
--Behavior exceeding the call of duty in the field
--Superior partnership and teamwork with Elmhurst Hospital

For more information about emergency care at Elmhurst Hospital, visit www.EEHealth.org/services/emergency.