Unstoppable You! Takeaways

We hope you enjoyed the Healthy Driven Wellness Forum: Unstoppable You!

The following is a list of topics and speakers, along with links to additional information.

Balancing Act: Eating for a Healthier You

Julie Sanfilippo, RD, LDN, Jump Start Your Health program

Mind Over Matter: Easing Stress with Meditation

Julia Afridi, D.O., Medical Director of Integrative Medicine

Know Your Numbers for Better Health

Alyssa Papuga, D.O., family medicine physician with Edward Medical Group

Sleep for Success: Getting Your Best Sleep

Phillip Cozzi, M.D., medical director of the Sleep Center at Elmhurst Hospital

Ground Yourself in Gratitude

Todd Fink, CADC, musician, author, speaker, counselor with Linden Oaks Behavioral Health

Options for Weight Loss: What’s Best for You?

Neha Shah, M.D., and Omar Shamsi, M.D., specialists in bariatric and obesity medicine, Endeavor Health® Weight Management

No Excuses: How to Start an Exercise Plan and Stick to It

Connie Truesdale, certified personal trainer and joint specialist at Edward-Elmhurst Health & Fitness

Stress and Anxiety: Keep Them at Bay

Laura Koehler, Psy.D., licensed clinical psychologist with Linden Oaks Behavioral Health

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