Childbirth Class

You will receive an INJOY Understanding Childbirth booklet at your childbirth class (or mailed to your home address if you have signed up for a virtual childbirth class).  Please look at the inside front cover of this booklet for instructions to access the free App that accompanies the booklet.  You’ll find lots of short videos that accompany the various topics in the booklet, pdfs of checklists and other helpful information, baby trackers, relaxation exercises, contraction counters, etc.  Please take advantage of this great resource that is free with your class! 


Just for Dads

Bedrest resources

Labor & Birth

Your Newborn



Missed Classes?  

If you miss a class due to illness or unavoidable situations, please call Susan Bard (630-527-7685) to see if we can get you into a make-up class.  Since we have different outlines for the weekend, 3 week, or 4 week series, it may be difficult to find a make-up class that exactly matches the one you missed.

Susan Bard
Perinatal Education Coordinator

[Updated January 2022]