Prenatal Class at Edward

This webpage is for those who have registered for one of Edward Hospital's prenatal classes.  General information is located on this page. Be sure to also click on the specific class links below for additional information.

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Expect a response in 1-2 business days. If you are experiencing an urgent health issue, call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room.

This page is for those who are taking our Breastfeeding Class. Please look at the links below for class handouts and more information on topics covered in these classes.

General Info

Directions to Prenatal Classes:  Access the hospital campus from Washington Street, West Street, or Martin Avenue and park in the North Parking deck. [campus map] There is a covered walkway from the North Parking to the North hospital entrance.  The Education Center is adjacent and to the north of the main hospital building. Most prenatal classes are on the 3rd floor of the Education Center.  There is a digital monitor located across from the elevators on the 3rd floor which display room numbers for each class.

What to bring to class:  Please feel free to bring water and snacks to any class. There are vending machines located on 3rd floor Education Center, as well as the vending room next to the cafeteria.  The hospital cafeteria is located next to the North Lobby.  You are welcome to purchase snacks or lunch at the cafeteria.  A lunch break is provided for any class which extends past 12:30 pm.

For Childbirth classes, please bring 2 pillows & a blanket or exercise mat for doing floor exercises unless otherwise instructed.  For Babycare PLUS class, if you have already purchased a carseat, please bring the carrier to the Saturday class or class 2 of the weeknight series.  If you do not yet have a carseat, you do not need to buy one prior to class--we have several that you can practice with. For Breastfeeding class, you do not have to bring anything extra—but we do encourage both mom and dad (or support person) to attend.

Cancellations due to weather

In case of inclement weather, please call our Class Status line at 630-527-5183 to see if your class has been cancelled.   Please listen to the entire message, as each department may have a cancellation message. If a cancelation message has NOT been left on that line, then classes will meet as scheduled.   

If a Severe Weather Warning is in effect for DuPage County during the class time, the class will be canceled. We will try to update the Class Status Line within 2 hours of class time, but if severe weather (tornado warnings or flash floods) occurs more unexpectedly, please use your best judgment about coming to class.  If you do not feel comfortable driving to class in the weather conditions and will miss the class that is scheduled, you can call the Perinatal Education Coordinator at 630-527-7685 to reschedule a missed class or receive a refund. 

If you have a question about your prenatal class or miss a class due to illness or your doctor places you on bedrest, please call or email me to see if we can reschedule you for a make-up class or other options, including refund.

Pregnancy Info 


Fetal Monitoring

Pregnancy Untrasound

Cradle Talk

Newborn Procedures

Especially for Dads-to-be

Link to Family Birth Center Tour

Postpartum Info (after baby's birth)

Childbirth Classes: click here 

Multiples Class: click  here

Babycare Class & Breastfeeding Class: click here

Our Babycare PLUS class includes basics of caring for your baby, such as diapering, bathing, swaddling, cord care, circumcision care, and jaundice, as well as information from "The Happiest Baby on the Block" about calming a fussy baby, car seat safety for your newborn, and infant CPR (with a take-home manikin and instructional DVD). Register early, as classes fill quickly!

Our Breastfeeding class will help you get feedings off to a good start. Research shows HUGE health benefits to babies who receive breastmilk!  Breastmilk provides the perfect nutrition for baby and is easy to digest--causing fewer stomach upsets.  It also contains enzymes & antibodies to fight off infections.  Studies show that babies who are breastfed have much lower incidences of  diarrhea, respiratory tract infection, ear infections, and urinary tract infections.  Breastfeeding also decreases mother's risk for postpartum hemmorhage as well as offering benefits for later in life, including a decreased risk for several types of cancers and diseases.   In our breastfeeding class, you'll learn all the "how to's" of breastfeeding and pumping.

Susan Bard

Perinatal Education Coordinator
Edward Hospital
(630) 527-7685