Multiples Class

The Multiples class is a 48 minute video which you can watch at any time and as many times as you wish.

Our Multiples e-learning class covers information specific to multiple pregnancy and birth—nutritional needs of a multiple pregnancy, risk factors and complications, and how birth of multiples differs from that of a singleton (single baby). If this is your first pregnancy/baby, we also recommend that you sign up for a Prepared Childbirth class to learn more about labor and delivery, a Babycare PLUS class to teach you how to take care of your new infants, and a Breastfeeding class to round out your prenatal education. We also offer Daddy Boot Camp for expectant dads, taught by experienced dads with input from new dads and their babies. You should also plan to take a Tour of our Maternity Unit (included in the Childbirth class or offered as a separate class). If your doctor tells you that you will have a scheduled Cesarean Birth, please sign up for our free online Cesarean class which will give you more information about C/Sections and recovery and postpartum issues. You should plan to complete all of your prenatal classes by early in your 3rd trimester since many women expecting multiples are placed on bedrest toward the end of their pregnancy and many deliver early.

To see the list of class dates available and to register online, go to Search for the class name or under “type” choose Pre & Postnatal Exercise/Education. You can either register online or by calling Class Registration at 630-527-6363. If you have any questions about your classes, please feel free to contact me, Susan Bard, at or 630-527-7685.

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Link resources from video

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Caring for multiples

Please see these links for additional information about taking care of your multiples:

Local twins clubs

We also encourage you to also find a local twins club to join that will offer support throughout your child's school years.  There are several local groups available: (for a complete listing, see Illinois Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc.)

Additional videos

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