Breastfeeding Class

This page is for those who are taking our prenatal Breastfeeding Class. Please look at the links below for more information on topics covered in this class.

Videos/links for Breastfeeding Class 

Pumping breastmilk

Breast pumps

The type of breast pump you need will depend on the amount of pumping you plan to do.  You'll learn more about breast pumps and pumping in our Breastfeeding Class.

  • If you are a stay-at-home mom and only plan to give an occasional bottle of breast milk, a hand pump or battery operated pump may be sufficient for your needs. 
  • If you plan to return to work and pump while at work to keep up your supply of breastmilk, you will need a personal electric pump or a hospital-grade breast pump. 

You can make an appointment with our Breastfeeding Center (630-527-3238 for Naperville or 331-221-5433 for Elmhurst) to discuss breastfeeding and pumping. [Check with your insurance company to see how the purchase or rental of breast pumps and breastfeeding supplies are covered.  Your insurance company should also cover consultations with lactation consultants, but check to see if there are certain requirements such as a doctor's order.]  Ameda Hospital-grade breast pumps can be rented from our Breastfeeding Centers.


Recommended books

  • The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by The La Leche League International
  • The Nursing Mother’s Companion by Kathleen Huggins
  • Mothering your Nursing Toddler by Norma Jane Bumgarner
  • Mothering Multiples by Karen Kerchoff Gromada
  • Defining Your Own Success (Breastfeeding after Breast Surgery) by Diana West
Recommended websites

Did you miss a class?  If you missed a class that you had signed up for (due to illness or bad weather), please email me ( to see if we can get you into a make-up class.  - Susan Bard

[Updated January 2022]