What to expect

Everyone is different. Your personal course of treatment will be carefully designed by our Linden Oaks Behavioral Health team with your input.

When you experience a disease like addiction or an emotional problem like anxiety, you need help finding life balance. The first step for admission or enrollment in our programs, is to schedule a confidential behavioral health assessment.

How behavioral health works

We use a multidisciplinary, individualized approach. Your care team may include registered nurses, behavioral health professionals, occupational therapists, dietitians, clinical therapists and psychiatrists. Learn more about how behavioral health works.

Levels of care

We will recommend the level of care and program that’s right for you based on your confidential assessment. Your program may include individual, group or family therapy—outlets to talk about your feelings and understand your illness. We provide the following types of care:

Learn more about types of care we provide

Our locations

There are six Linden Oaks Behavioral Health locations conveniently located in the west and northwest suburbs. 

For information on programs offered at these locations, call our Help Line at (630) 305-5027.


The cost of care can be a barrier that prevents people from receiving the help they need. Linden Oaks Behavioral Health can help you work with your insurance company so treatment is appropriate, timely and financially covered.

Linden Oaks locations