Addiction treatment and recovery starts here

You're not alone

Addiction is a progressive disorder. Left untreated, it can cause far-reaching damage that can’t always be undone. If you struggle with addiction in the form of substance abuse, you’re not alone. It’s time to get help and begin your journey to peace and wellness.

At Linden Oaks Behavioral Health, our team of psychiatrists and therapists walks with you on your road to recovery. Here, you’ll find a fresh perspective among a community of advocates. We’re here to support you and guide your treatment plan every step of the way.  

Inpatient & outpatient treatment options

Our patients — both adults and adolescents — gain a sense of peace and build self-confidence in our safe, supportive environment. We tailor effective, compassionate drug and alcohol rehabilitation to your unique needs.

Your personalized treatment plan will include outpatient treatment with daytime, evening and weekend options or inpatient rehabilitation.

Our addiction treatment program includes:

  • 12-step involvement – This set of guiding principles provides a step-by-step course to recover from addiction, compulsion or other behavioral problems.
  • ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) – This therapy teaches people to shift the way they think and respond to psychological pain, so they can live healthier, fuller lives.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy – This treatment is typically short-term and goal-oriented. It uses a practical approach to help people change the negative thoughts and behaviors that may be behind their difficulties.
  • DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) – This is a specific type of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy aimed at treating borderline personality disorder with four components: skills training group, individual treatment, phone coaching, and a consultation team.
  • Detoxification
  • Medication management and counseling
  • Occupational therapy – Therapists use everyday activities (occupations) to help people recovering from illness, injury and/or addiction regain and improve the skills they need to thrive in their daily lives.
  • Process groups – These groups focus on building and maintaining trust to allow members to communicate openly and honestly about their addictions.
  • Recreational therapy – This therapy uses recreation to improve function and independence, and reduce or eliminate the effects of illness or disability.
  • Residential stay program
  • Support groups

Life skills education

In addition to intensive outpatient programs (half day) and partial hospitalization programs (full day), we also offer life skills education. Our life skills education is designed to provide vocational training and teach you healthy coping and problem-solving skills.

Groups focus on career-related topics that include: 

  • Identifying interests and job skills
  • Building a resume
  • Preparing for job interviews
  • Finding a job and exploring careers
  • Maintaining employment

For patients that dropped out of high school due to substance abuse, we discuss going back to school. 

We also teach meditation and yoga as healthy self-soothing tools in place of drug or alcohol use. We focus on happiness skills — positive psychology, gratitude and daily intentions. This approach helps you re-center on the positive aspects of your recovery.

Creative intervention

In addition to the treatments listed, we also believe in the effectiveness of animal-assisted therapy, poetry therapy, spirituality and mindfulness to treat addiction. These creative interventions can help adolescents and adults move forward with their substance abuse recovery faster. 

Addiction treatment centers

All of our locations offer personalized treatment with compassionate therapists to guide you through your care.

Each of our six centers provides the full range of drug and alcohol addiction-related services, so you never have to travel far.

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