Welcome to The ReThink Program

This three-part, substance abuse intervention/education program combines online independent learning, an in-person educational seminar and an online addiction screening.

Through this program, you will explore how peer pressure, anxiety, relationship conflicts, stress and other issues can influence substance use and play a role in our attitudes. Changing the way you think is the first step to changing behaviors and learning how to make positive choices in the future.

Students, families and school staff will work together to help the student make choices that will result in healthier behaviors.

Below you will find the ReThink workbook and ReThink videos. Please use the password you were given to open each item.

  1. Print out the Rethink Workbook
  2. Complete the worksheets in the workbook while watching the below videos
    ReThink Program Video 1

    ReThink Program Video 2

    ReThink Program Video 3

  3. Complete the Online Rethink Addiction Screening
  4. Attend In-person Educational Seminar.  For more details, contact your school counselor and'/or social worker.