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Grief’s effect on the heart

Stressful news, like the death of a loved one, can set the stage for a heart attack or stroke.

Green, yellow, orange—how a stoplight is helping ortho patients manage pain

When you’re in pain, it’s not easy to figure out how bad it is.

Palliative Care for Chronic Illness

Palliative care can help patients and their families deal with the diagnosis of serious illness by providing relief from symptoms and improving...

Are you constantly worried about your health?

We all worry about our health from time to time. But some of us really fixate on it and become preoccupied with the fear that something is...

Simone Biles put mental health first

There’s nothing weak about focusing on your emotional well-being.

Overdue and overeager?

Has your due date come and gone? What does it mean to be overdue?

Could you have low-grade depression?

Are you feeling persistently down? Maybe you can still function, get out of bed and go about your day, but your gloomy mood keeps you from feeling...

8 ways reduce fatigue and increase energy around the holidays

It can be easy to feel tired by the time the big man in the red suit arrives. For cancer patients, the feeling of fatigue is entirely different.

Is it ADHD or normal kid behavior?

Many kids can’t sit still, refuse to wait their turn or have trouble listening. How do you know if it’s ADHD?

Does chronic pain have you depressed?

People with chronic pain have pain that continues when it should not. If pain doesn’t go away for weeks or months, depression sometimes sets in.

Page 5 of 6 | Results 41 - 50 of 59