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December 20, 2022
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Gyms are filled with people who understand exercise is an essential part of good health. Who doesn’t want to build muscle, gain speed and increase agility?

There’s a large difference between the average person’s workout and a professional athlete’s workout, but we can still learn from the pro’s training regimen.

Is there a race you’re planning to run? A basketball league you want to join? Setting a fitness goal is the first step to improving your performance. Get organized – set your goal, then plan out your weeks full of workouts designed to help you meet it.

How’s your sleep? What do you eat? Healthy lifestyle habits should supplement your exercise routine. 

When it comes to fitness performance, what can amateurs learn from the pros?

In Episode 59, Dr. G and his guest, David Williams, former national team player and strength and conditioning coach for USA Rugby, share tips to take your fitness to the next level.


  • David Williams – Former national team player and strength and conditioning coach for USA Rugby.

Myths vs. Facts

“After I work out, I can eat anything I want.” - Myth
You should eat a healthy diet to maximize the benefits of your training.

“Pre-workout supplements are necessary for a great workout or lifting session.” - Myth
If you eat a balanced diet, you won’t need supplements.

“The more I train the better, right?” - Myth
When you work out, you’re breaking down muscle fibers so they can become stronger. To do this, you need to give your body 1-2 days of recovery.

“Body parts should be trained separately as opposed to hitting multiple body parts more often throughout the week to maintain an optimal muscle balance.” - Depends
If you’re training to be an athlete, you should train movements rather than muscles. 

“I can fitness train like the pros if I am pregnant.” - Depends
Ask your physician what they would recommend. It also depends on what your fitness level was before pregnancy.

“Eat less and exercise more.” - Depends
If you’re trying to lose weight, yes. But it depends on your fitness goals. You need to eat an adequate amount after hard workouts.

“Post-workout supplements are necessary.” -  Myth
Diet is number one. Real food should always be the first thing you reach for.

“Your workout must be intense and hard.” - Fact
At certain times. Sometimes you need to work out hard, but other times you need to listen to your body and go slower. You should build low-intensity weeks and high-intensity weeks into your training cycle.

Listener healthy OH-YEAH!

“I’m about to go get my hair cut. That’s as close to spa time as I do, and it always makes me feel good.” – A.H.

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