What makes us sick? Breakdown of infectious diseases - Ep. 55

October 31, 2022
Categories: Physical health
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Monkeypox (or mpox*). COVID-19. RSV. Influenza.

Antibiotics aren’t going to treat these viral infections.

Besides the misconception that antibiotics can help viral infections, the misinformation about vaccines and prevention measures has contributed to the spread of disease.

It’s important to understand how to protect ourselves from illness, particularly infectious diseases (illnesses caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites) that can spread through a population — some more easily than others. 

Besides healthy living — eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep — what else should we do to avoid infectious diseases?

In Episode 55, Dr. G and his guest, Jaime Belmares-Avalos, MD, a board-certified infectious disease specialist, have a detailed discussion on infectious diseases, their treatment and prevention.

*Per the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we will begin using “mpox” as the new preferred term for “monkeypox.”


Myths vs. Facts

“Antibiotics are a “cure-all” drug.” - Myth
Antibiotics are meant to treat bacterial infections, not viral infections.

“No vaccine is 100% effective.” - Fact
However, vaccines can be up to 99 percent effective, which helps stop the spread of a disease.

“Education, early detection and access to care are all essential in containing and preventing the spread of disease in a globalized society.”
- Fact
Educating the public worldwide on infectious diseases and how to prevent illness is essential to reducing spread of disease.

“Infectious disease outbreaks are a significant threat to global health security.”
- Fact
The COVID-19 pandemic is an example of a disease outbreak that threatened global health.

“Today’s vaccines use only the ingredients needed to be as safe and effective as possible.”
- Fact
Each component of a vaccine has a specific function.


Listener healthy OH-YEAH!

“Thank you for being a true healer.” – J.G.

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