Functional medicine: Getting to the root of illness - Ep. 47

August 1, 2022
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Conventional medicine, integrative medicine and functional medicine. They’re all different perspectives on health and treatment. One style is becoming increasingly mainstream: functional medicine. Ever hear of it?

Functional medicine is an attempt to get to the root cause of illness and correct the problem.
It’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s figuring out how someone’s external influences, life choices and biological systems uniquely work together to create a focused treatment strategy.

It’s a deeper dive into what’s going on behind the scenes of each patient’s illness, particularly chronic illness. Half of all adults in the U.S. have at least one chronic health condition. Functional medicine can help correct chronic health issues with a detailed, personalized approach.

Listen as Dr. G and his guest, Daniel Murauski, DO, an Institute for Functional Medicine certified practitioner and family medicine physician with Edward-Elmhurst Health, talk about how functional medicine can help get to the root of illness. 


Myths vs. Facts

“I can figure this out myself. I can do all the research on my health problem and fix it with supplements that I buy online from Dr. ‘So-and-So.’” – Myth
There are many intricacies to supplements and other health interventions. When you’re ill, talk to a physician about treatment.

“All functional medicine practitioners are the same.” – Myth
Functional medicine practitioners can be MDs, DOs or chiropractors. There are a variety of healthcare providers who practice functional medicine.

“Conventional medicine has made us healthier.” – Myth
While conventional medicine is cutting edge and has made significant progress in treating a host of illnesses, the number of people facing chronic disease continues to rise.

“If functional medicine worked, my current doctor would be doing it.” – Myth
Functional medicine is something that requires training. It works, but it takes time and is a different approach.

“Functional medicine takes longer than conventional medicine to get results.” – It depends
Conventional medicine can sometimes be a “band-aid,” such as taking medication to lower blood pressure. Functional medicine can address the underlying cause, such as lifestyle changes to lower blood pressure and get someone off medication. It’s complementary and a different way to look at health.


Listener healthy OH-YEAH!

“I do the stairs at the hospital between clinic patients or between cases.” – Dr. M.S.

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