Medical cannabis: The risks versus rewards – Ep. 40

May 2, 2022
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Medical cannabis is still illegal under federal law in the U.S. However, this federal law hasn’t deterred 37 states from legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. It’s critical that healthcare leaders and physicians remain guided by medicine and science to provide accurate, honest info so they can make the best decisions for their patients.

Cannabis, a plant used as medicine and for recreational purposes, has positives and negatives. Medical experts say they need more research to determine the most appropriate, safest ways to use medicinal cannabis.

Is cannabis safe to use for medical purposes? How do you get it? Do you have to smoke it? What conditions can it potentially help?

In Episode 40, Dr. G and his guests, Leslie Mendoza Temple, MD and Shalu Gugnani, MD, discuss what medical cannabis can do, how it works and the pros and cons everyone should know.


Myths vs. Facts

“Today’s cannabis is more potent than it was in previous generations.” - Fact
The cannabis from the 1990s had 2-3 percent THC content. In the 2010s, cannabis had THC concentrations up to 17 percent. Today, it can be up to 45 percent.

“Medical cannabis isn’t that dangerous.” - Myth
Its safety depends on how, and how much of it, is used.

“Medical cannabis is a gateway drug.” - Myth
There are controversies about that. But certified medical cannabis users under the observation of a physician are less likely to move on to stronger drugs.

“Medical cannabis isn’t addictive.” - Depends
Some people are more likely than others to develop a substance use disorder.

“Medical cannabis can cause psychosis.” - Fact
It has been known to cause hallucinations or bad trips, particularly when someone takes cannabis with a high THC content.

“Cannabis has medicinal or therapeutic value.” - Fact
There is evidence that cannabis is helpful for a variety of conditions.

“My doctor can write me a prescription for medical cannabis.” - Myth
A doctor can certify a patient for eligibility.


Listener healthy OH-YEAH!

“I had PRP done on my knee almost 2 years ago after many years, thinking I needed knee replacement. The best thing I ever did.” – S.R.P.

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