Regenerative medicine, part 1: The role of stem cells and PRPs – Ep. 38

April 12, 2022
Categories: Physical health
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Regenerative medicine has the potential to fully heal damaged tissues, offering hope and solutions for people who are looking for a non-surgical or non-medicated approach to treatment.

Stem cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can help promote healing and play an important role in tissue repair mechanisms. 

Long-term ailments such as tennis elbow, arthritis, ACL tears—even hair loss, facial collagen loss and diminishing sexual performance—can potentially benefit from regenerative medicine.

Even dentists use PRP to treat dental issues and help patients recover from surgery. It’s important to note that, if you have a chronic illness, PRP treatments won’t be a cure. They are used in addition to other, higher-priority treatments such as physical therapy and medication recommended by your physician.

Over the next two episodes of the podcast, you’ll hear from expert physicians who are leading the next frontier of medical innovation while promoting reversative and anti-aging therapeutics. 

In Episode 38, you’ll get details on these fascinating therapeutics from Dr. G and his guest, family medicine physician and sports medicine specialist Moises Irizarry-Roman, MD.


Myths vs. Facts

“The greater the number of viable stem cells, the greater the capacity for cellular restoration and tissue repair.” - Fact
It’s very important that the cells are viable, so physicians know what result to expect.

“You’ll likely need to stop taking certain medications that thin your blood, like aspirin and ibuprofen, before you get PRP injections.” - Fact
When they use PRP, physicians are looking to create a little inflammation. If you’re taking anti-inflammatories, you’ll be fighting the benefits  of the PRP.

“Stem cell therapy can cure almost every ailment.” - Myth
However, stem cell therapy research is rapidly expanding in virtually every medical field.

“You should only get PRP injections from a licensed doctor.” - Fact
Also, only get PRP injections from a well-trained clinician.

“PRP is only for cosmetic problems.” - Myth
PRP is sometimes used for cosmetic reasons, but it has a lot of non-cosmetic, muscular/skeletal applications.

“For most medical uses, stem cells and PRPs are injected using real-time imaging to carefully guide the needle and ensure they are placed directly at the site of your injured tissues.” - Fact
Precision is key when it comes to stem cell and PRP injections.

“Stem cells and PRPs are only good for pain relief.” - Myth
Patients get pain relief, but most of the time the pain has gotten better because the tissue itself has improved.


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