Shout out to nurses: Heroes in healthcare - Ep. 36

March 7, 2022
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Nurses are an unstoppable force. They’re at the center of our healthcare system and play a vital role in providing care, comfort and compassion for their patients and patients’ families.

Despite their caring demeanor, nurses would rather not see you in the hospital. Preventive healthcare is their priority for patients—getting regular checkups and keeping health concerns from developing into a serious condition is key to avoiding the hospital, not to mention the intensive care unit.

They work hard. During the pandemic, and even before, nurses have experienced burnout. They emotionally invest in their patients and patients’ families, which can be mentally exhausting, especially during tough times. It’s even contributed to the national nurse shortage.

For all they do, we’re honored to give a shoutout to nurses, our heroes in healthcare.

In Episode 36, you’ll learn more about nurse life and the future of nursing as Mark Gomez, MD, talks with guests Marguerite Manseau, RN, with Edward Hospital and Marijana Vidovic, RN, with Elmhurst Hospital.



  • Marguerite Manseau, RN – Registered nurse, Edward Hospital intensive care unit.
  • Marijana Vidovic, RN – Registered nurse, Elmhurst Hospital progressive critical care unit.

Myths vs. Facts

"Nursing is an honorable career that requires hard work and dedication." - Fact
It is honorable—and a lot of hard work. Nurses are dedicated to their patients and to expanding their knowledge. 

"Nurses must be technologically savvy." - Fact
Technology is involved in every aspect of a nurse’s day. From electronic records to the pharmacy and bedside technology, nurses need to know how it all works.

"Compassion fatigue hampers caregivers and healthcare workers who are constantly witnessing heartbreaking situations. This can lead to stress and negative attitudes in nurses who have always loved their jobs." - Fact
Nurses face heartbreaking situations, and it can be a stressful job. But nurses don’t necessarily keep a negative attitude. They’re realistic about what’s going on.

"Nursing school is easy." - Myth
Nursing school is a rigorous experience. A good foundation in nursing school helps nurses understand and think critically about their duties.

"Nursing is a safe job." - Myth
Nurses often see people at their highest stress level, and they face verbal and physical attacks at times.

"Whether working directly or indirectly with patients, nurses who specialize may be leading the future of their profession." - Fact
Anybody has a chance to change the future of nursing.

"Nurses can help diagnose and treat diseases." - Fact
Nurses talk with providers about what they think is going on. Nurses don’t directly diagnose but can provide input that helps a provider decide on a diagnosis.

"All nurses do the same kind of work."- Myth
There’s a wide range of what nurses can do beyond bedside care.


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