Addiction Aware

Alcohol and drugs can take over your life, ruin relationships, impact work and damage your health. Our free Addiction Aware screening can help to identify your risk.

Getting you on the path to wellness

Like many of our patients, Alec’s life was not going exactly as planned. He wanted to get control of his alcohol abuse and get his life back on track. Linden Oaks can help you, as it helped Alec, get sober and discover the underlying causes of addiction so you can get on the path to wellness and stay on it. Recovery is possible. You can end the cycle of addiction and get your life back. Let us help you.

Linden Oaks accepts most major insurance plans

I knew I had a problem and denied it for years. I finally got so tired of it all – the bingeing, the lying, the feeling awful. It took every ounce of courage I had, but I called Linden Oaks. Not only did I get sober, but I also learned about getting control of other issues that contributed to my alcoholism in the first place. I feel so much better now. So much better.

-Alec, Naperville