Alejandro Fernandez, L.Ac. MSOM, NMD

fernandez alejandro
Integrative Medicine Clinic
Hospital Affiliations:
Elmhurst Hospital
Clinical Interests:
Integrative medicine; ADHD/ADD; ALS; Bells Palsy; Cancer support; Health education and community awareness; Multiple Sclerosis; Trigeminal Neuralgia; Public Speaking; Allergies; Antiaging; Drug and alcohol addictions; Energy enhancement; Hormone Imbalance; Infertility; Neurological conditions; Sciatica; Sinus Problems; Smoking addiction

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This provider is an independent medical practitioner who has been permitted to use the hospital's facilities and to exercise his or her independent medical judgment in the care and treatment of his or her patient.


Philosophy Of Care

I consider the interaction of patient and health practitioner as the most important moment to know and gather every detail that is needed to get a picture of everything that is related to their condition. In the first day I dedicate an hour or more, if necessary, to assess all the components that make up the health of an individual. I believe that our health is made up by what we put in our mouth, what we breath, our thoughts and our environment and our health is not a specific event of a specific part that is isolated from the rest of our body, we are all connected and we need to find the root or cause of our challenges that sometimes are not in the area where the symptoms are present.
I use my experience of 18 years in practice with the power of Eastern Medicine and Natural Medicine to be able to partner with your physician in the quest of your optimal health and vitality.
I incorporate Acupuncture, Herbs, Nutrition, Exercise, Qigong and acupressure to help your body to achieve an optimal state of health.