Criteria for ideas

The Driven Idea Lab™ is searching for innovative ideas, like new services, processes and products which align with the goals of Transformation PX™: safe, seamless, personal:

  • Improvements that enhance patient safety and the quality of medical care.
  • Solutions to improve seamless communication among physicians and patients.
  • Products and services which can directly impact the health of the patients we serve.
  • New or enhanced technology to improve workflows of the healthcare we deliver.

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Innovative solutions can be anything from "Go for It" ideas and process improvements that can be implemented immediately to larger scale services or new products. The Driven Idea Lab™ gives staff, physicians and volunteers an opportunity to drive progress toward Edward-Elmhurst Health's vision to truly transform the healthcare experience — for patients, families, physicians and staff.

An example of a small scale "Go for It" process improvement is the story of the Orange Vest.
After a hectic trauma simulation at a hospital, a nurse created a simple idea. The problem was that in a highly stressed emergency situation, emergency room staff members were speaking over one another, and there were no clear roles. An ER nurse suggested that the team leader wear an orange vest — the trauma team leader identification vest — and the orange vest became a routine part of the hospital's emergency care. The simple vest clarified leadership roles and improved communication among trauma team members.

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Examples of larger scale ideas could include:

  • A health app which helps patients manage chronic pain through digital mindfulness programs.
  • A one push-button device which makes blood collection simple, convenient, and nearly painless.
  • An app which gives cancer patients access to treatment information and allows them to store cancer and diagnostic information all in one place.
  • A belt worn by expecting mothers which delays premature delivery and allows time for fetal maturity.

The program's goal is to foster the development of solutions to everyday problems of healthcare by engaging each member of our system.