CYBERKNIFE Registry for Prostate Cancer Radiosurgery - Multi-Institutional Registry for Prostate Cancer Radiosurgery (RPCR)

November 08, 2012
CYBERKNIFE Registry for Prostate Cancer Radiosurgery
Prostate Cancer
Andy Su, MD

Elmhurst Hospital

The registry is designed to track surrogate treatment endpoints including prostate specific antigen (PSA), international prostate symptom score (IPSS),sexual health in men (SHIM), and visual analogue scale (VAS) scores, in addition to physical and survival data. Utilizing an independent vendor (Advertek, Inc.) experienced with the design and implementation of similar electronic registries, FRRA developed a data collection tool that staff members with a basic medical background can use to register and upload pertinent patient data, requiring no more than 20 to 30 minutes per patient. Participating patients will be monitored in follow-up for three years, with analysis and publication of the results semi-annually.

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  • pathological diagnosis of prostate cancer
  • early or intermediate risk
  • Contact the contact person listed below for more qualification requirements for this study.
Accepting Participants
Kathy Seymour, BSN
(331) 221-2168