ProActive Kids

ProActive Kids (PAK) Foundation has joined forces with Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare to help tackle the community's childhood obesity challenge.

ProActive Kids is a free program for kids ages 8-14 who struggle with unhealthy weight. This unique, results-oriented free program is held at Edward-Elmhurst Health & Fitness Center at Seven Bridges, located at 6600 S. Route 53 in Woodridge.

ProActive Kids program registration

Registration for the fall session of ProActive Kids (PAK) is now open for the Edward-Elmhurst Health & Fitness Center in Woodridge. To learn more/enroll, call 630-681-1558 or visit ProActive Kids.

A referral from the child's primary care physician is required.

ProActive Kids program description

Through the program, ProActive Kids are engaged in a variety of PAK PLAN activities Monday, Wednesday and Friday for eight weeks, including: PAK Fitness, PAK Nutrition and PAK Lifestyle. Each educational lesson and fitness activity is designed to make a significant impact, while building a foundation for lifelong success in the areas of fitness, personal health and self-esteem.

The PAK's holistic approach is crucial to the success of its participants and supports family engagement as a critical element for long-term success. On Fridays, members of the child's family participate in the activities and learn how they can support lifestyle changes.