Essential facts about the Zika virus

February 05, 2016
Knowledge is a powerful prevention tool.

What to say to someone recently diagnosed with cancer

February 03, 2016
When someone you know is just diagnosed with cancer, your mind may go blank and you may be at a loss for words.

This is how I lost 125 pounds to get heart healthy

February 02, 2016
Physician walks (and runs) the talk - 125-pound weight loss, active lifestyle prove it.
Winter makes you SAD

What to do when winter makes you SAD

February 01, 2016
If the cold, gray days and dark nights of winter get you down, you’re not alone.

6 tips for talking to your teen about drugs and alcohol

January 29, 2016
Take an active role in helping your kids say no. Learn how to talk to your teen about drugs and alcohol.

Danica Patrick: Have your comfort food and be healthy, too

January 28, 2016
Healthy, tasty comfort food is easy to make once you figure out what works.
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