Danica smile

Danica Patrick: Healthy teeth = healthy body

April 20, 2017
The condition of your teeth can reveal clues about your overall health.

Danica Patrick: Veggies for breakfast and other strange ideas

March 28, 2017
The truth is, most of us don’t eat enough vegetables.

Danica Patrick: How to make an easy (heart-healthy) dinner that looks complicated

February 15, 2017
Dinner for two that looks fancy and tastes good? It's easy to pull off.

Danica Patrick: The power of friendship

January 09, 2017
Danica shares how good friends can keep you healthy, and the important traits she looks for in a friend.
Danica traveling

Danica Patrick: Stay healthy on the road

December 07, 2016
Staying well while traveling isn’t tricky. It just requires smart packing, healthy habits and self-awareness.

Danica Patrick: Gym etiquette tips you need to know

November 15, 2016
If you’ve never been part of a gym, there are some things you should know before you start working out.
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