How medicine can break opioid addiction

August 01, 2017
Edward-Elmhurst Health recently opened a new medication-assisted therapy (MAT) clinic for those who want to kick opioid addiction.

Let's end workplace violence

July 10, 2017
All too often violence within hospital walls is reported in the media—and it is a serious wake up call for all of us.

This is what happens when we go global

June 19, 2017
We at Edward-Elmhurst Health want to be good citizens, not just in our hospitals and our communities, but of the world.

Memorial Day remembrance

May 26, 2017
Let’s take a few moments to honor and pray for those who have died for our country so we can live free.

Erase the stigma of mental illness

May 22, 2017
The key to erasing the stigma is conversation.

The moment I knew I wanted to be a nurse

May 08, 2017
Nursing is difficult, stressful -- and incredibly rewarding.
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