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Meet Dr. Siva Krishnan, a family medicine physician at Edward-Elmhurst Medical Group. Her medical interests include women's health and chronic disease prevention. "I believe in empowering my patients with education so that they can take control of their health issues," she says. Don’t miss Dr. Krishnan's Healthy Driven Life blogs!

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Volunteering is good for you

April 12, 2016
There’s something about giving back – and genuinely wanting to help other people – that makes us healthier.

Stick together, stay healthy together

February 08, 2016
Be proactive about your health and self-care and give your relationship a little spark.

How to avoid frostbite, and what to do if it strikes

January 11, 2016
Bad things can happen if you leave frostbite unchecked.

Meditation isn't just mystical nonsense

November 02, 2015
Taking a mental time out each day could pay off big. It’s worth the effort to squeeze a short meditation session into your schedule — especially if...

How to keep your child from becoming a media-addicted zombie

October 12, 2015
It’s hard to fight the pull of electronics. Try these ground rules for screen use, and watch your kids bloom.
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