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Meet Melanie Kirschten, a certified personal trainer with Edward-Elmhurst Health & Fitness. Kirschten earned a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from North Central College in Naperville.

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7 tips for exercising outdoors in the winter

February 07, 2023
Those of us who love to get moving outdoors, safety is of the utmost importance when heading outside in the cold weather. Get tips to guarantee a...
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Simple cardio exercises to try from home

November 11, 2022
The good news is, you can get in a great cardiovascular workout while in the privacy of your own home.
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9 chair exercises for limited mobility

February 01, 2022
The following chair exercises are low-impact exercises that can help to reduce wear and tear on your joints, and can also help you burn calories...
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How to adopt a workout routine and stick with it

October 06, 2021
Making the decision to start exercising is the first step to a healthier life and a healthier you. Learn how to stick with your workout routine.

Simple exercises for new moms

July 22, 2021
Learn about a few lower body, upper body and core exercises that are recommended for new moms.

Get outside to meet your movement goal

May 10, 2021
This has been a challenging year to say the least. It’s time to get out of the house, off the sofa, away from the computer and outside.
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