Maria Ariza, M.D.

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Meet Maria Ariza, M.D, family medicine physician with Elmhurst Clinic. Dr. Ariza's clinical interests include: preventive medicine, primary care, weight management, childhood obesity, holistic medicine, women's health, diabetes and disease prevention.

"I believe in patient education as the foundation of our relationship and in providing patients tools for them to make the best decisions for their health. I believe preventing disease and understanding the importance of body, mind, environment connections can affect the individual is the basis to achieve well-being," she says. Don't miss Dr. Ariza's Healthy Driven blogs!

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10 tips to reverse a child’s weight gain, unhealthy habits

June 09, 2021
Have your child’s eating habits gotten unhealthy and out of control? How can you help your child shed those extra pounds for better lifelong health?

Don’t ignore these chronic conditions — especially now

June 30, 2020
What happens if you don’t manage, or take steps to prevent, chronic diseases during this pandemic?
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