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Meet Justin Wolfe, LCPC, CADC, CRC, a clinical therapist focusing on adolescent chemical dependency/dual diagnosis at Linden Oaks Behavioral Health. Justin is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor. Don't miss Justin's Healthy Driven Minds blogs!

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Substance use disorders are mental health conditions, not an exception

Those with substance use disorders have historically been ostracized from the general public.

The tragedy of Colt Brennan: Combating the opioid crisis

The fentanyl overdose death of star football player Colt Brennan, at age 37, is one that shakes the recovery community to its core.

Let’s stop glamorizing alcohol use, start addressing the dangers

April 16, 2021
April is National Alcohol Awareness Month, and an opportunity to shed light on the impact this disease has on people’s lives.

Gambling issues rising during the COVID-19 pandemic

January 15, 2021
People who gamble regularly online are doing so just as often or more frequently during the coronavirus pandemic.

Recovery is possible, everyone is deserving of it

September 30, 2020
Recovery is possible, and can be attained regardless of how distant it may feel at times.

The impact of COVID-19 on opioid use disorder

As a result of the isolation encouraged during COVID-19, individuals who use opioids are at a greater risk to use alone.
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