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Meet Dr. Jennifer McNulty, pediatric emergency medicine physician and medical director of pediatrics at Edward Hospital. Don’t miss Dr. McNulty's Healthy Driven Moms blogs!

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How to keep your child safe this summer during COVID-19

June 18, 2020
Many parents have questions about how to keep their children safe and reduce the risk of catching coronavirus this summer.

Know the warning signs of this rare post-COVID-19 illness in kids

May 18, 2020
The CDC issued a nationwide alert to warn doctors about a rare but dangerous illness in children believed to be linked to COVID-19.

How to help your teen be a safe sitter

May 15, 2019
If your young teen is considering babysitting, she/he needs to be prepared to handle it.

Must-haves for your family first aid kit

August 16, 2018
A family first aid kit can help you be prepared for whatever comes up, from common injuries like cuts, scrapes, and insect bites to serious burns...

10 ailments/injuries to avoid this summer

July 19, 2018
As your kids enjoy these carefree summer days, keep these 10 common summer ailments/injuries top of mind.

How kid-friendly ERs make a difference

March 08, 2018
When your child needs emergency care, a pediatric ER can provide care that’s specialized for young patients compared to a regular ER.
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