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October 23, 2020 | by Edward-Elmhurst Health
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Dr. Wilson grew up right here in Naperville. And there’s no place like home to practice medicine, right? Daryl Wilson is proud to serve his community as a doctor in the Edward Hospital emergency room. As he puts it: It’s the front door to the hospital and he is the welcome committee.

One of the most important things he does as an emergency room doctor is build trust and establish relationships with patients in a matter of seconds. Why is that so important? Dr. Wilson sees people from his own hometown on sometimes the worst day of their life. They’re often vulnerable, scared and experiencing an uncomfortable amount of uncertainty. If he can provide that comfort, that trust and that personal touch, it can go a long way toward treating their present condition and getting their health and safety where they need to be.

As a kid, Dr. Wilson had a wonderful pediatrician who showed him a positive and inspiring side of medicine. In fact, it made him want to be a doctor at the age of 7. But when his grandfather got sick, Dr. Wilson saw the other side of the coin. His grandfather’s care after falling ill was cold, distant and ultimately unhelpful to his happiness and his outcome. Dr. Wilson vowed then to become the kind of doctor that would inspire others to join the medical profession.

And, as with almost every employee at Edward-Elmhurst Health, Dr. Wilson maintains an active, Healthy Driven life outside of the hospital. In addition to raising a family with his wife no more than two minutes from the hospital doors, he is the singer and front man of a punk band, which he says is a great release of stress and outlet for self-expression.

Everywhere else, it’s healthcare. But for Dr. Wilson, it’s personal.

At Edward-Elmhurst Health, you’ll find individuals across our entire system for whom compassion is a calling, and healthcare is a 24/7 commitment. Just as each patient comes to us with a unique story to tell, each one of our doctors, nurses and staff members have personal stories and powerful motivations for becoming part of the Edward-Elmhurst Health family. Here, it's personal.

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